Developer Update (Gold): Simon Jiang - Week 6

Coming back from PAX Australia, there's a pile of work that has been building up to be done. Most of this is to do with visual polish with new particles and decals to be added. I took on jobs related to the character and the weapon drones, but also added a few of the boss VFX. Specifically, the game now has muzzle flash and overheat particles on all drones, as well as bullet hit particles on terrain. The Cobalt drone spawns very nice looking decals on its primary and secondary fires. 

Another thing I've been busy with this week is working on our application form for Media Design School's accelerator programme. This is a very important objective for us, as making it into the programme will allow us to continue development on the game for another 3 months without any serious costs. We have to make sure our application is as succinct as it possibly can be.

Developer Update Gold (Week5) Connor W

Auckland Armageddon is out of the way, and some of our programmers are now off at PAX Australia. While they were there I spent a hefty amount of time getting through as much of the particle effects left to go as possible. I'm not going to post all of them below because that would be daft. So i will post the more interesting ones, but for reference here is a written list off all of them:

  • Grapple hit
  • Player heal
  • Player slide
  • Player high velocity
  • Player super Jump (with separate small trail)
  • Howler lazer muzzle flash
  • Howler cannon muzzle flash
  • Howler leg smash draft
  • Howler footsteps
  • Squid AOE electrical denial area
  • Initial version of the damaged components system (bunch of version were made off of this)
  • x3 primary fire muzzle flashes (Bulldog, Cobalt and Hornet)
  • x4 hit effects (x1 metal hit and x1 dirst hit for the Bulldog and the Cobalt)
  • Cobalt lazer muzzle flash
  • Cobalt lazer charge
  • Improved ambient dust particles

I think that's it. Aside form this I also designed some new posters for PAX, despite them being left at home...


 Howler Poster

Howler Poster

 Squid Poster

Squid Poster

 The Howlers lazer ability

The Howlers lazer ability

 AOE Lightning denial

AOE Lightning denial

 A crater decal for the Howlers leg smash. There is a value than can be adjusted that controls the radius of the glow.

A crater decal for the Howlers leg smash. There is a value than can be adjusted that controls the radius of the glow.

Developer Update (Gold): Mark Croucher Week 5

Armageddon went smoothly, and I learnt a lot from watching people play our game. The clearest thing is that the Terror squid is too easy, mainly because it can easily be abused. Players can too easily slide around the floor without consequence, and focus nothing but the tentacle for damage. 

The Spider tank was the opposite, and it did not help having the other boss so easy to defeat, because it did not send a good message or give a valid representation of what one of our boss fights really is. The spider tank has been worked on and iterated the most, and we think it is in a very good position.

With little time before PAX begins, I will have to do some number balancing between the bosses to make the squid harder, and the spider slightly easier. Changes were applied to the health values of components, and the damage values components deal on death.


Developer Update (Gold): Simon Jiang - Week 5

For me, this is primarily a week that is focused on taking the feedback from Armageddon and quickly applying it to the game before heading into Melbourne for PAX. We spent a day making changes and also preparing marketing resources for the showcase. We improved our website and social media channels in anticipation for new audiences visiting them. Finally, we researched and reached out to publishers in hopes that they were at PAX and were interested in having a look at our game. 

Overall, PAX was a pretty good experience, but did not help the game in any significant way. We got decent feedback and had a few interested people play the game, but nowhere near the numbers we had expected. We did learn a lot for next time though, and should be much more prepared for future conventions. 

Developer Update (Gold): Rodrigo Calderon: Week 5

This week I spend the majority of time working on some sound effects, basically just re iterating on some of them to get better results, however I also finished texturing every asset in the map.

Also did some modifications in the terrain. During the playtest sessions I realized there were some spots with holes where people would fell and was imposible to get out, there was also a bit of overlapping issues with the terrain within the spider boss arena that I had to address.



Developer Update (Gold): Rodrigo Calderon: Week 4

This week I had to re do the cracked wall, we realized not many people were realizing they could shoot at it, so we thought of a better approach for this I had to model it again and break it into 5 pieces so the cracks are now very noticeable, we also have some assets for arena 3 that i textured.

I also made some textures so Connor could make particle effects such as a stomp particle effect every time the spider tank stomps the ground, I also had to make a couple of meshes for this same reason.



Developer Update (Gold): Chris Stone - Week 5

Last weekend we had the Armageddon Expo, and this weekend we are showing at PAX Australia, so I spent the last few days making some minor fixes for the PAX build, and then adding some extra features. These included adding a glow to the teleporters once the respective weapon has been picked up, fixing some menu interactions, among other things

The new features that I worked on were a click and drag system for equipping weapons, and new options. The click and drag system didn't go exactly to plan, due to yet another UE4 bug. So instead of holding down the left mouse button and dragging, the user has to click once, then move the weapon to the equip slot, and click again. This system works, but is not ideal, so I will try to revisit it at some point to try to fix it. As for the options, I removed the post processing slider, as I felt it was unnecessary, and added a full screen toggle, resolution options, and a gamma slider, to increase the brightness. At the moment, it is just the UI that I completed, as well as the resolution scaling, but I still have yet to save these options, or get the gamma slider to work, which is what I will be starting off with next week.

Developer Update (Gold): Simon Jiang - Week 4

It's the week of Armageddon! Much of this week was focused on liaison for the event and making sure that our build of Introspect was ready to show off to the public. We made changes to the version we had so that it made showcasing easier. This is mainly done by having the game start the player in the central hub, skipping the tutorial as we could teach them while they play. 

Personally, I was making sure the squid's tentacles were working properly. I had to make sure the island tentacles were dying and were spawning lightning when islands were destroyed. This process actually took a few days to fully complete. I also fixed a bug with the super jump going into a ledge climb immediately after the action is performed. After completing these tasks, I had to revamp the projectile and explosion system as it was overdue for a rework. The system had been in place since the prototyping phase and had been rushed out without much thought. I made it so that the system was more intuitive to work with. On the side, I added attenuation to many newly imported sounds, and also particle effects to weapons. During all of this work I was still fixing issues that cropped up with the island tentacles now and again. On Friday we made a build of the game that we believed was suitable for showcasing and headed off to Armageddon.

Developer Update Gold (Week4) : Chris. M

This week saw me create the third 'under construction' area. I spent the first few days of the week modelling and UV'ing the assets for the area. I absolutely loved doing this part of the project as it gave me free reign to create  a completely new area for the game. Once the models were designed I imported them in Unreal and created the area via rocks Roo had made and utilizing the landscape tool. I then went in and re-used a bunch of assets we had already designed alongside new ones to give it a busier, under construction feel.


The main scaffolding will be there to hold the third, partially constructed boss when Connor models it. To the right is  an observation platform where the boss man would likely oversee and give orders from. I placed two of the massive crane arms above to give the illusion that they had been used to get the larger pieces where they needed to be. Other than that I just had fun using the assets I designed to make a unique environment that the player would enjoy exploring.

After this was done I then worked on the underground tunnel that leads to this area. Before there were simply grey-boxed geometry to give a rough idea of what we wanted the area to look like. I went in, and using a combination of Roo's and my own assets, created the tunnel leading to the third area.


 All that's left to do for this area is add in the boss when Connor's modeled it and texture the assets!

All that's left to do for this area is add in the boss when Connor's modeled it and texture the assets!