Developer Update (Beta): Mark Croucher Week 8

So much work has been done this week! Mines chain explosions, islands exploding under fire from special formation drones, the terror squid enrages!

The boss fight is finished! The Arena is set!

In a rocky pit, lies the Terror Squid lies, waiting. Entering the pit, the walls are sealed, and the fight begins.

To survive phase 1, players will need to blast the tentacles during their attacks, and in the meantime they will need to avoid bombardment, ink, and deadly land mines!

Once enough damage is done, the bosses shields drop, and it rips itself from the ground, rising up into the air, bringing along with it 6 islands attached to its other 6 tentacles. The boss will try and destroy these islands, freeing its tentacles and giving you less height to attach the boss’s exposed hull. Avoid an onslaught of spear drones, and be careful when attacking the boss! He can project a forcefield that absorbs your bullets and returns them to you!

Clockwork Giants