Developer Update (Beta): Mark Croucher Week 7

A lot of the Squid boss has been tested out with dummie models. After a bit of testing, it seems that the design of the drones and their use in the first phase of this boss fight are far too hectic for any player to manage, and do not give off the experience I had intended at all. Single bomb drones are hard to see, and get very chaotic when they go off camera!

So after a lot of work, I have reviewed and reworked the methods of the Squid Drones! The primary ability of these drones in phase one will now be as follows: Single drones will drop mines around the map, while groups of drones periodically seek the player and aim to disrupt their movement! When the player gets stuck on ink, the drones will change their patterns, now going in for some melee action, using their spear attacks, and their grouped cage formation, trapping the player in a circle of bombardment!

The boss is now ready to send information to and from the tentacles!! Ordering them to slam, stab and spray at the player!

When the tentacles are attacking they open their head becoming vulnerable, shooting here will cause heavy damage to the squid, disrupting its circuitry! When enough damage is dealt, the boss will enrage and enter phase 2, but that’s saved for next week!

Clockwork Giants