Developer Update (Beta): Mark Croucher Week 6

After some well needed feedback from playtesters I have been hard at work to perfect the first boss and its arena. First of all, the destructible platforms and grapple able surfaces around the arena have been touched up, and will now collide with all boss abilities, preventing any cheeky cheaters. We are all happy that the spider will no longer try to leave its arena, it is now very well behaved and stays in his tower!

I also added an awesome destructible wall to our level. This acts as a tutorial for shooting. This wall will crack when shot, allowing you to shoot a door into the wall. Using invisible bound volumes, it sits tightly between a ravine, waiting for a worthy challenger to gun through it.

The squid drones have also gotten a lot more attention, they now dock to the squid boss siting on his hull when not in use.

Clockwork Giants