Developer Update (Beta): Simon Jiang - Week 7

With our 'Beta' phase almost coming to a close, we are rushing to get content completed before we have to enforce a lockdown so that we can focus on polishing everything we have during 'Gold' phase. However, things are looking bright! A lot of assets are starting to pour into the project, improvements are being made to several systems based on feedback, and we're close to getting our second boss playtestable. 

To that end, I worked quite extensively on the second boss's tentacles this week, trying to get all of its animations and AI sorted. I'm glad to say that I managed to get it completed and ready for playtesting, albeit in a rather buggy state. I will have to work on making the tentacles able to transition between an 'island' state and a 'freed' state next.

On the side, I also made some improvements to the grappling hook as it was evident from feedback that it was not accurate or responsive enough. I've applied a cone trace now, making surface detection much smoother, and used a little developer hack to make it feel better. 

Clockwork Giants