Developer Update (Beta): Chris Stone - Week 7

I started this week by touching up the lore note subtitle system, Adding a bunch of little details including the fading in and out of the subtitle container, fading in and out of text, and fading of the speaker's portrait. This makes the whole subtitle system look a lot smoother, and really adds to the polish of the game. But the main thing that I focused on this week was the third weapon.

The third weapon's primary fire is a grenade launcher, so I had to create a new projectile, and override the primary fire to angle the shot upwards, so that the player doesn't have to jerk the camera up every time they shoot to get any distance on the shot. The secondary fire was a lot more complicated: it fires a bullet, which, if it hits the boss, spawns a suction field in a sphere. If any other bullets hit this sphere, they are absorbed by it, and after a certain amount of time it detonates, dealing damage based on the amount of bullets that hit it. For this, I had to create a projectile that deletes itself after being fired and spawns another actor, because this specific bullet shouldn't behave like a normal projectile. This spawned actor is what hits the boss and creates the suction field. Because it was so complicated to try to create this, I didn't have it dealing damage to components, just the boss. I will hopefully have that done on Monday.

Clockwork Giants