Developer Update (Alpha): Mark Croucher - Week 3

This week I have been working on the drone ability for the squid boss. We have decided that this will be one of the bosses biggest tools for combat, and have put a lot more effort and thought into it than we originally though. The drones now have two attack patterns, the first is for single drones to seek the player and drop bombs in their path, and for groups of drones to drop lines of bombs in the players path. The second pattern is for single drones to charge at the player, attempting to smack them, while groups of drones try to capture the player in a ring of bombardment.

Drones can be jumped on, but will punt the player off with an electric shock. Drones can also be attacked, at half health they will retreat back to the boss to heal, however if fully damaged the drone is out for good.

Clockwork Giants