Developer Update (Alpha): Chris Stone - Week 3

This week was a very productive one. I started out by implementing the 'delete save' feature, where the player can click the red button on a save in the menu, and confirm to delete that particular save. While not a very exciting feature, it helps make the game and the menu more professional and it is something that I'm excited to see done. In the same vein, I changed the naming convention of save games to accommodate for this change.

Another big thing I did was weapon swapping. The player can now swap between weapons with the scroll wheel on the mouse, and the overload feature is now independent for each weapon. The player can now also use the inventory tab of the pause menu to swap out weapons with any of the other weapons that they pick up during the game. The end of the week I spent doing another iteration of UI improvements, including confirmation for exiting the game from the pause menu and a blueprint pop-out for when the player inspects blueprints.

Clockwork Giants