Developer Update (Beta): Simon J - Week 6

This week contained a lot of playtesting, just like last week, and I'm pleased to say that the overall response to our game is improving. We've never experienced extensive third-party playtesting phases in our game development cycle before, so these two weeks have been very eye-opening in terms of how useful it is to us. We will proceed with heavy playtesting for the next two weeks until we have our break before entering the gold phase.

I focused on polishing the build using the feedback we had received, focusing on issues with the character controller. The grapple hook was the main challenge as making it feel as fluid and effortless as possible is the goal. It is definitely progressing, but I unfortunately got sick towards the end of the week, hindering my productivity. I did, however, get another tentacle animation done, and linked the two that exist together. So all is not lost.

Clockwork Giants