Developer Update (Beta): Chris Stone - Week 6

During this second week of beta, there was a lot of little fix ups to do after our play testing on Saturday and before our play testing session on Thursday. There was a lot of feedback on almost all aspects of our game, but perhaps the stand out feedback was regarding the level. Specifically how it didn't teach the mechanics as well as we would have liked. So we spent the first half of the week trying to fix this, by rearranging some sections of the level, changing the order of the sections that aim to teach the player and changing the length of certain areas. Also we I took some time to properly greybox the path to the second boss, which I decide to take underground in order to change things up a bit.

I also put the signs in the level which are supposed to tell the player the controls, before our play test session on Thursday, so we could see how well they are able to convey the controls to the player. I put a number of signs in, trying to vary the way they look, and added text to them in world space. Judging by the play testing that was then conducted, these signs were a success, but might need to be made a little clearer. I'd also like them to be textured with the controls on them, rather than using text to make it feel more like part of the environment.

Clockwork Giants