Developer Update (Beta): Mark Croucher - Week 5

The terror squid's array of abilities are growing! Added to his arsenal are two new primary abilities. The first of which, is an ink projectile which the boss will shoot from the end of his tentacles! If you get hit with this tar filled goo, you will be trapped and unable to move! Within this time, the drones will change their attack patterns and form a circle around you, trapping you! You will be free just in time to start dodging an onslaught of kamikaze drones.

The second new ability is a very unique ability which will be related to the weapon that this boss drops. Over the end of its tentacles, the boss can take large amounts of damage, but watch out! The terror squid can activate a force field over a tentacle, absorbing all projectiles, and storing them. After absorbing the projectiles the force field will explode, firing back projectiles towards the player.

The drones have also unlocked their final ability! The terror squid can now regenerate drones, which will assume the role of drones that have already died. He will do this to initiate a deadly group attack, where dozens of drones flock together and begin to spin in three rings, channeling a deadly laser to destroy platforms! Try delay it if you can, but the drones will do their best to keep channeling the laser.

Clockwork Giants