Developer Update (Beta): Chris Stone - Week 5

This week was very successful: we started the beta cycle and I completed a lot more than I thought I would. I started off replacing the grapple reticles and implementing an aim assist. Actually the aim assist was already a feature that Simon had done, but I had to make the reticle follow the aim assist to show the player where there were grapple-able objects. This was a surprisingly easy task and only took me half a day to complete. I wanted to make it a bit fancy so I made the reticle shrink and spin when it's over a grapple-able object which creates a really cool effect, and tried to make it as smooth as possible.

After this was done, I worked on spawning weapons and teleporters after the boss dies. I had to make some changes to the inventory system to account for picking up weapons, but after I got that working the entirety of the boss sequence was done. I made it so the player can only have one of the same weapon equipped at the same time, and they only start with the first weapon, so the gameplay and progression is starting to feel like it is supposed to. Since I allotted a lot more time for this than it actually took I am well ahead of schedule, and am confident heading into the next week and the rest of beta that I will be able to accomplish a lot.

Clockwork Giants