Developer Update (Alpha): Chris Stone - Week 4

This week we had to get the alpha build submitted by Thursday. The improvement we've made to the game in the last four weeks has really been astounding, and I'm incredibly proud of the whole team. Personally, I managed to get a number of things done to contribute to this effort. The first was getting the new level playable. Before this we were still using the level from the vertical slice, but I managed to convert everything to the new greybox level. This included reworking the pre and post boss fight sequences, adding 'fog walls' to stop the player leaving the arena, adding lore notes, putting the lab in, and sorting out spawn positions.

Once this was working, I needed to touch up the background music manager, because there were some issues with it before. I also created a teleport mechanic, which didn't make it in to the alpha build, but will be used to teleport the player back to the central hub after a boss fight. This was quite a busy week, but we managed to get everything done and so I'm happy with all the work that was done.

Clockwork Giants