Developer Update (Alpha): Simon Jiang - Week 4

Coming towards the end of "alpha", I worked more on the grappling hook to get it ready for beta. The new function I implemented is a soft auto aim assist that helps players grapple to objects more easily. If you miss a grappleable object by a small margin, the aim assist will help you latch onto the target. It is a function that is necessary for our new implementation of grappling, which only allows you to grapple to metal objects.

After the conclusion of alpha, we set about planning out our beta phase, which will include hammering in our remaining features to get ready for our gold sprint. With tasks delegated, I decided to take on the heavy task of animating the tentacles of our second boss purely in code! It is both exciting and daunting, as the tentacles are a crucial part of the boss fight. I will be working in tandem with Connor on getting it right.

Clockwork Giants