Developer Update Alpha - Rodrigo Calderon (Week 1)

During this first week of alpha, we planned our tasks and set our goals. I spent most of the two first weeks working on concepts and iterations for a new level, since our last one was too big, messy and didn't make sense in some places. The idea I had in mind for the new level, was to focus more on play ability and efficiency rather than size. After working on some designs the first days of the week, I felt it would be easier to grey box a level in Unreal and test it with the mechanics our character has. This proved to be really helpful and gave some insight on what I wanted to make with the level. After iterating for a couple more days and testing it with the team, I finally got a level we all agreed on. It's smaller than our previous map but it's way more efficient and it feels cohesive, it's also really fun to traverse it.


Clockwork Giants