Developer Update (Alpha): Chris Stone - Week 2

So this week was actually pretty exciting for me. I started touching up the user interface to make it look better and function better. Starting with the in-game UI, I moved the player health bar to the bottom left of the screen and made it vertical, as well as splitting it into 4 chunks that will disappear when the player loses a quarter of their health. I also put in images for both of the equipped weapons in the bottom right of the screen, and added a cool animation for when the player swaps weapons.

In the main menu, I fixed up the load game section, to display an image that indicated the level the player is on, the name of the level they are on, the time played, the save slot, and a button that deletes the save. Overall that section just looks a lot better. I also added a splash screen that comes up when the player starts the game. It displays our logo, and then show a message about auto saving. Then menu will fade in once the player accepts this. The whole sequence looks very professional, so it is quite an exciting feature.

Once the UI gets some actual art I believe it's going to look amazing, and can't wait to share it with everyone! next week I will be working on the weapons swapping and more menu functionality, so look out for more updates!

Clockwork Giants