Developer Update (Alpha): Mark Croucher - Week 1

Having fortified and completed all the core systems in the game, it is time to pump out some content. I have been given the terrifying task of fleshing out the 2nd bosses design. We have discussed and decided on a squid like mechanical boss, with two phases. The main abilities of this boss fight will revolve around three things: Drone like orbs that swarm the boss and are used to attack, giant tentacles which can strike and plant mines and shoot sticky ink traps, and finally an ability that is directly related to the boss loot, a gravity field which will pull in projectiles for a time, and return them back in a direction.

So far I have begun with the quick creation of a boss header class which will allow other systems that use boss variables, to access the class more freely. This required a bit of fiddling around in the first boss, and the game mode class.
Secondly I began one of the bosses core abilities, the swarming drones. I have given them an attack function and a set of movement functions which should allow for their functionality.

Next up is to add multiple attack functionality to the drones, and get the boss to activate them from a dormant state.

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