Developer Update (Alpha): Chris.M - Week 1

This week we got back into working on Introspect from our Uni break and it's great to be back at it. The first few days mainly consisted of planning what we needed to do for our alpha build over the next four weeks with the last three days being used for concepting. The entire environment needed a complete overhaul so we decided to start that from scratch.

We divided out the tasks between ourselves and I took on modelling the first boss arena which settled on as a ruined skyscraper, chose a solid color palette and settled on a theme for the environment for which we can all work on without conflicting art styles. We decided that we felt something akin to The Scorch Trials Movie from the Maze Runner series would fit our theme best.

Now concepting is not my strong suit, so excuse the unprofessional drawings, but I found that even doing this, I was able to get a solid feel for what I wanted the final product to look like.

Concept 1
Concept 2
Concept 3
Clockwork Giants