Developer Update: Mark C - Week 1

For vertical slice my first objective was to polish the mechanics and abilities of the first boss: the ‘Spider Tank’. This week I was able to implement all new abilities to the first boss, as well as refurbishing old abilities. The first ability to be updated was changing the charge ability of the boss, to move in a straight line multiple times, with a short delay at the start, and with the boss rotation towards the player at the end of the slide. The next ability edited was the missile barrage, the missiles now follow a different path, and have steering. The shock pulse was edited to be thicker. The main firing mechanic of the boss was also updated, so that an indicator follows where the cannon is pointing, and the cannon fires more accurately. A new ability was added, a laser beam which emits from the cannon and traces the player slowly.

I also went over the entire code of the spider tank and moved all primary blueprint functionality into code, as well as cleaning up a lot of the code, and removing unnecessary parts.

The last thing I did this week was fixing the spawn locations and relative locations of some of the particle effect used by the spider tank, like the firing particles and indicators.

Clockwork Giants