Developer Update: Chris S - Week 5

This week I spent refactoring the weapon blueprint, to accommodate for new ideas revolving around special weapon abilities. I changed it from a single class system where values are switched out depending on what weapon is equipped, to an inheritance based system where there is a parent weapon class. This means that child weapons can inherit most of the functionality, and overwrite the shoot functions to give it special effects. I went with the first system originally because I figured that all special effects would be conducted in the bullets themselves that fire, but looking back it may just have been laziness on my part. So now that that’s changed weapons are a lot easier to work with for the rest of the team.

I also spent time adding a few last minute things for armageddon. This included placing a bunch of invisible walls around the map to stop players from going out of bounds, making the crosshair in the middle of the screen turn green when the player can grapple to something that they’re looking at, and adding shake to the boss health bar when the boss takes damage. The biggest thing I did was add a music manager to control when background music should play. This involved functions for changing sound, starting and stopping sound, controlling the volume, and adding a separate blueprint with a collider that changes the music when the player walks over it. I also had to save the currently playing sound and load it back when the player loads a game, so that the music is consistent between sessions.

Clockwork Giants