Developer Update: Chris S - Week 4

This week I mostly spent fixing things, and reworking the lore note. Connor made a model and animations for a new lore note, so I worked with that to recreate the blueprint. Due to this I learned a lot about animation blueprints, which I hadn’t  used before. The lore note now ‘activates’ when the player walks near it, and a little text pops up saying ‘Press E to Interact’. The player can press E to bring up a bit of UI with lore text. They can press E to get rid of it again, and walking away from the lore note triggers the deactivate animation.

The issues I fixed were related to saving and loading, checkpoints, and UI, and while there were a  lot of small problems, such as the player health not going down, I managed to fix them all. I combined lore notes and checkpoints, and redid the death sequence with the UI text, and the win sequence with the UI text.

Clockwork Giants