Developer Update: Rodrigo C. Week 7

The aim for this week was essentially to put all of the documentation in order, as well as to fix some visual aspects regarding the envrionment of the game. Something that needed urgent attention was the stretching textures with the terrain, specially in elevated sections such as cliffs and the rock pillars we have in the starter area. after looking for some references and ideas on how other games do cliffs and mountains I figured that for this case at least it would be better if I model my own rock pillars and texture them, then replace this pillars with the ones in the game which were made using the unreal landscape sculpting tool. The end result looks much better than the previous rock pillars. I did something similar to cover the walls of cliffs where stretched textures were too noticeable.

The lighting, as well as the look of the sky sphere, was another are that needed attention. One of the main issues with the lighting was that once the character got too close to the boss, everything would suddenly turn really dark to a point where players weren't able to see a thing, to solve this I spent a couple of hours playing around with the values on both the sky light and the directional light, until finally got to the fix that odd situation with dark shadows being casted out of nowhere. While looking into this problem I got the time to do some changes in the sky sphere of the map, I added dark gray clouds and changed the color of the sky to a gloomy gray, this automatically fitted with the rest of the environment.


Clockwork Giants