Developer Update: Connor W-C. Week-6

This week for me involved a lot of playing around with particle effects and materials, as well as creating an improved rig for the boss in preparation for improved animations again (in hindsight Wellington Armageddon has kind of negatively impacted the creation of high quality animations, as I rushed to finish for this event, I sacrificed quality).  In general terms I was just trying to learn as much as possible and apply what I could to things in game. It was very much the beginning of polish for me. Firstly I had already discovered, prior to vertical slice, how to create a flat shock wave distortion effect as both a particle effect, and a material on a flat plane. It’s essentially the same thing for both however normals and fresnel have to be used differently on particles bias to always want to face the player. I adapted this shock wave effect to be paired the existing flat shock wave emissive ring.

I also created a similar material to be applied to a sphere that, in game, would expand rapidly and serve as a spherical shock wave that would push the player off the boss. This is where I learned how to pan tileable textures over time. Leading to a rotating ripple effect when used on a wavy normal map, plugged into a fresnel, plugged into refraction on a translucent material. After playing with values and colours I created an effective spherical force pulse material. This material was also copied and reused for other things in the project, such as damage indicators and walls to block the player from certain areas. I also created a circuit crawling type material that didn’t have time to be implemented properly. This was going to be applied to the leg guards of the boss.

The final thing I discovered this week was world normal displacement on objects. Basically creating a material that distorts the vertices on an object based on the world position of the object. The tutorial I watched was for clouds, however I adapted what I had learned to use as the base for an explosion/jet (used for rockets) as well as further adapting what I had learned for a lazer material. To adapt the material for a lazer I first ditched using noise as a map to displace vertices, and plugged in a panning sine wave, multiplied it a few times, and used that to inform the displacement if the vertices of a cylinder. This created a pulsing effect as the sine wave traveled down the length of the extended cylinder.

Basic Example

Basic Example

Clockwork Giants