Developer Update: Rodrigo C. Week 6

This was the week after armageddon, and with all the feedback we got from it, we decided it would be good to sit down and discuss how we were going to approach the upcoming two weeks we got left. So one of the first things we all agreed on is to re-make the map from scratch, not for vertical slice though, but for production, so one of the things I wanted to work on on improving the terrain textures, and trying to look into ways to avoid the stretching of these, so I started making my own textures using substance designer, my aim is to make a couple of tileable rocky terrain textures that I can use for the level. One the parts that would stretch the most in the game was the long pillars on the starter area where players had to jump all the way to the tallest of these pillars, so in order to avoid the stretching of the texture on this parts I thought that it would be better to  model rocky pillars and import them into unreal, by doing this I can apply the same rocky ground texture Iā€™m working on the terrain and have an overall look that is both cohesive and visually pleasing.

Clockwork Giants