Developer Update: Rodrigo C. Week 5

By the end of this week half the team had to go to Armageddon, Wellington, so I figured that both the spider tank and character were more important to be painted than the terrain, however I didn’t want to leave the terrain completely unpainted so I just chucked in a couple of textures I made and tried to make it look as good as possible, however the results were far from optimal and I realized I needed more time to properly paint the terrain, nevertheless armageddon was a few days ahead and there more important models that needed painting. I started with the spider tank model, it had many different pieces because all of them were detachable, so I had to create two smart materials in substance painter, one for the legs and base, and another one for the turret, however due to aligning of the uvs, I had to do modifications on every single piece I applied the material I created, the results however were satisfactory, thanks to the help of one of the lecturers I was able to apply proper wear edges on all of the spider tank pieces, this added more realism and character to the boss. As soon as I finished with the spider tank, I started painting the character, this proved to be way easier than the boss for it only had two big uniform meshes, because of this I had more time to experiment and iterate with the materials, the result on the character model was also satisfactory.

Clockwork Giants