Developer Update: Rodrigo C. week 4

I spent this whole week working on textures, first of all, I had to model a cave because we now had the laboratory pieces ready to be imported in the game, once I had the cave ready, I started painting all the pieces of the laboratory, before starting however, I thought it would be best to select a series of materials and colors so everything would look cohesive and part of the same world, the texturing of these pieces was slow, but enjoyable, probably the part that consumed the majority amount of time was to fix the Uvs of some of the pieces because these were overlapping one another. I also spent some time painting a cliff wall I modeled for the main passage in the level, and then re painting some of the spikes we already had. Once I had all of the laboratory pieces, rocks and cave painted, I realized the starter area didn’t make sense anymore, so I had to re-design that section, the idea was the same, the player would have to go all the way up to a plateau and walk down to grown into the passage where they can practice with the grappling hook. After moving many pieces around and sculpting some new pillars, I manage to have something decent that could lead players to the boss arena, however I’m aware that still needs much work to be completely functional.

Clockwork Giants