Developer Update: Rodrigo C. Week 3

I spent this week iterating on the map I had already sculpted, there were some areas that needed fixing and I found a lot of “holes” where players could fall infinitely, I also re-designed the arena to be really big and flat, during this process I also had to model the spikes and some rocks to place along the walls of the arena. By the end of the week I started to set things up for the texturizing of most of the assets we had by the time, however most of the time spent during this week was to polish the arena and the main path of the level from start to end. It was on this week where I also re designed the main corridor of the level, this is a part I thought it would be very important for players, because it’s here where they would practice with the grappling hook and jumping mechanics, I think this is the section that consumed most of my time and effort due to amount of variations I did, first I thought there would be fall damage, so I designed this area to be a little bit of a jumping platforming adventure, where players would need to be precise on their jumps in order to land correctly on the floating rocks I placed along the narrow corridor, however after discussing with the rest of the team and getting feedback from lecturers and friends, we decided that there wouldn’t be fall damage in the game, so I had to a lot of changes on the ground level underneath the floating rocks, the idea behind this was to make players able to come back to the floating platforms without having to spend much time, I also made the jumping puzzle more simple, because I didn’t want players to stay too long on this area, after all our game is a boss battle game not a platformer.

Clockwork Giants