Developer Update: Rodrigo C. Week-2

It was on the second week where I finished sculpting the map that we end up using for the for the whole duration of vertical slice. Even though it fits our needs for now, the current map is far from it’s final version and after discussing a bit about it, we have to the decision of making a new map from scratch after vertical slice is over. The reasons of why we believe the map needs to change are essentially two, mechanics and stretched textures. When I was designing the map  I was aware of the grappling hook, however it wasn’t implemented in the engine yet so I basically designed the level with just a basic idea of how grappling hook works, not with an actual grappling hook to test with. I made the level so it had some verticality in it, we wanted to give the players an overall view of the map so they could then choose which path to take, so right on the beginning of the level I sculpted a plateau high enough to players see the two very noticeable landmarks on the distance, the first one being a cave made out of spikes and the second one a volcano, from this plateau players had to go down and follow a path until they reach a “Y” intersection in this spot they could choose whether to go to the arena or the volcano area.

Clockwork Giants