Developer Update: Mark C - Week 6

After being given the opportunity to present our game at Armageddon, we were able to obtain a lot of much needed feedback for our game. Because I am in charge of the boss design, I have been focusing mainly on the feedback about the boss fight, and the boss mechanics.

The first issue that I will be addressing is that a lot of the boss abilities have no visual confirmation, and while every ability has a unique sound, they could overlap easily and things can get messy. This week I focused on analysing what new animations / changes we would need to polish the boss fight further and we decided that we will be making some sort of animation for each boss ability, and looking into rhythmic animations. I talked to Chris Stone about what we would need to do in order to make a priority system on all the sound effects, that way the most important sounds will be heard over anything else. Lastly the only feedback that we decided could benefit the boss fight / mechanics is a complete change in the arena, which will be discussed further with the team at a later date.

Clockwork Giants