Developer Update: Mark C - Week 5

Coming close to Wellington armageddon expo we have a lot of goals to reach, some things need to be finalised and made perfect. First of all, I did some work balancing the tanks firing mechanics, the tank is now very likely to shoot the player depending on their movement and velocity. I went through some of the other abilities, and gave things like rocket barrage a tune up so that the rockets seek above the player not at a set height.

Due to some inconveniences to our planned timeline, I have only just been given access to the new boss models and animations. This requires me to do a lot of work in a short amount of time. I added the new model to the tank, pinning all armor pieces appropriately, and giving them their own collision, and health bars. This allows the boss fight to be a little bit tougher, requiring you to blast through sets of armor to get to the juicy high damage areas on the boss.

There are some new moving parts on the boss called heat vents. Some of these will work as health packs, and other just work as critical points on the tank. Killing sets of these will knock off armor instantly.

New animations have been added, including a shock pulse animation, and a new charge animation. These have been tied into the code and it has been adjusted to fit the animation.

Clockwork Giants