Developer Update: Mark C - Week 4

We went through some very big decisions about the game, which changed the core gameplay for the player. Because of this, the boss felt a lot less challenging, and just didn't fit in at all.

Over three days I reworked the entire boss fight, introducing new elements, abilities, and phases.

The boss will now cycle between two phases, Air phase and Ground phase. At 50% health the boss will enrage, changing some of his mechanics.

Ground phase is designed to let the player go on the offense against the tank, being able to deal a lot of damage while the boss mainly tried to defend itself with abilities.

After a timer is up, the boss will sunder the earth letting loose a lake of lava from below the ground. The player is forced to grapple to the walls, using spikes and platforms to relocate and move between. Now that the player can not target the boss's weak points from such a distance, the boss will use its cannon to unleash hell on the player. Now the player is on the defensive.

Again a timer will let the lava go back down, and the player will be free to attack the boss at close range once more. The boss will use a gravity pulse to bring the player down by force if they try to avoid the ground

Clockwork Giants