Developer Update: Connor W-C. Week-5

I spent this whole week working on rigging and animation for the boss. There was a lot of work to do and I definitely jeopardized my health getting it done. The first thing I needed to do was reference my old rig for the legs and create an improved version for the new legs. I did have the distinct advantage of knowing how we were going to assemble the rig in UE4, and this saved a lot of time in the grey area. I then created an improved rig for the legs. This was just a lot of hard work plain and simple.

The next thing to do was rig the turret and cannon. This was both the easiest, and most difficult part of the rig. Basically, every single piece that was separate, and could be broken off, needed to be it’s own rig. So a single piece would need to be centred in Maya, have a bone with it’s root at this centre, skinned, animated (if need be) and exported singularly. This was done 5 times for the 5 different chunks of armour, as well as the eye. The cannon part itself was very easy, to rig and animate, as no pieces of it needed to break off.

I then spent a few sleepless days and nights animating everything. I began with the base and legs, then the cannon, then minor pieces like the leg armour. Given the time until Armageddon some quality was sacrificed, as were some animations such as eye twitches and idle movements. Animating itself was a rather straightforward and uncomplicated. Here are some examples of animations done:

Clockwork Giants