Developer Update: Connor W-C. Week-3

Last week the character was finished and handed off to Chris Mills for rigging and animating, so this week my task was to begin redesign of the boss, as well as create and animate the weapon drone, and the checkpoint/narrative beacon. I spent 2 days creating the weapon drone and the beacon, as these were simple rigs and animations and I knew I could finish them very fast. The beacon only needed an activate and an idle animation (deactivate is just reversed activate). The drone needed a fire, idle, activate and deactivate. During these 2 days I also created a Photoshop file and played with some redesign/refinement ideas of the first boss.

 I then had to start creating this new boss in Maya. this was an exhaustive process as I was cramming to get things ready for Armageddon. The first thing I remade was the leg guard pieces. We knew that we wanted to have pieces that broke off and I had introduced the idea of canisters that moved in and out of the legs. I took this into account and reiterated off of the existing design. I then made a slightly more complex eye and a slightly altered base, as well as updated legs. Lastly I entirely remade the turret itself. I wanted a more asymmetrical look to make fighting it seem less ‘mirrored’ in general. The turret also needed to consist of pieces that broke off throughout combat and this led to a great challenge when designing. The turret redesign also included the cannon being redesigned. My general approach to redesigning the boss was that I wanted it to initially feel grounded in reality, and then as the fight progresses, feel more aggravated and alien.

Clockwork Giants