Developer Update: Connor W-C. Week-1

My task for week one of vertical slice was to do some redesign of the character and begin modelling it. There were a few new things that needed to be taken into account when redesigning the character. Firstly the character needed to have a male and female version. To manage this I created an armour set that could be rescaled to fit whatever figure was needed. The second thing needing to be taken into account is the character movement, weapons and items. The character had to have the ability to grapple, doublejump and have general heightened movement. In the character design I decided to have a Titanfall style jetpack to give the player assisted movement. This also allowed me to have space on the players back for weapons, which have also been redesigned. The weapons needed to be redesigned to get around the issue we had of aiming independent of character orientation. To fix this I redesigned the weapon as a drone that closely follows the character.

Clockwork Giants