Developer Update: Simon J - Week 6

Armageddon had turned out to be a really good experience for us in many ways.  We got some great showcasing experience and learned some lessons from it, such as always making sure we have AUDIO! Also having a tablet with a feedback survey on it would have been immensely helpful to keep track of everything people told us, and also gain information that they would rather share privately/anonymously. We still got a tonne of great feedback, some that we will look into before the end of vertical slice, while others we will be mindful of coming into full production. People generally liked the game as well, saying that they would be interested to see how it turns out, so the event was a boost in confidence as well.

We came back from the event feeling pretty happy with ourselves, and also pretty worn out. We had a team discussion about the work we had done and the feedback we had received, and then proceeded to take a slight break from the project while we worked on other assignments that we had to get done.

Clockwork Giants