Developer Update: Simon J - Week 5

This was a pretty important week as we were approaching a major milestone in our vertical slice development cycle, the showcase at Armageddon Wellington. We had to get a playable and demonstrable build by Friday, so all of us had to work very hard. I mainly made many minor adjustments to make the game feel better, such as making slide have a small cooldown, making the player mesh launch on death, modifying the player camera, balancing the weapons, making the grappling hook more accurate, adding new particles to the player, and adding slight screen shake on hit. I also had to make quite a few bug fixes throughout the week. This included tweaking player animations and fixing physics on destroyed boss components. I also worked on implementing player animations and making sure they matched the mechanics. They had to be reimported a few times due to a few issues like a missing helmet, but it did not take up too much time. I also tried to make sure that audio cues were working as they should be.

One thing that did take up a lot of time was manually creating the colliders for the boss legs and base, as the automatically created ones were inaccurate. I tried to be quite precise as the player will be interacting with it a lot.

Finally, I made a few hotfixes after a big playtesting session on Friday as a last ditch effort to prepare for Armageddon.

Clockwork Giants