Developer Update: Simon J - Week 4

This week was unique in that it was a week of major design changes. I decided that I wanted to try overhaul the character’s movement system to be as fluid and fun as possible, so I experimented with the grappling hook to make it less of a ‘get from A to B’ tool and instead an enabler of fast and stylish traversal. It does not forcibly reel the player in anymore, it instead keeps the player’s momentum and attempts to reel the player in, allowing for big swinging motions. I also allowed the player to apply a left, right, and forward acceleration while grappling so that they are able to make slight adjustments to their motion. The result is a highly satisfying movement tool, that is a bit too powerful for the current design of the game. After much discussion, we decided that we wanted to try pursue this new direction for the game, and accommodate the game around the player’s incredible movement.

Clockwork Giants