Developer Update: Simon J - Week 3

This week I focused on completing the character’s main mechanics and then adding juice wherever I can. I added a grapple rebound function that allows the player to launch themselves off walls when they have reached their hook target and cannot ledge climb. I added a radial motion blur when sliding to make the player really feel the speed, and iterated on it to make it more realistic. In tandem with this I also increased the player’s sliding speed to really emphasise its function, and made the camera zoom out a bit. There were also a few minor bug fixes that I did at the request of others.

The main goal of this week however, was to complete the boss music for the spider tank. I spent quite a lot of time on it and managed to create a piece that I am proud of. I tried to incorporate the feeling of fighting the boss into the music, and also the arachnid design to create moods of dread and a tingling sensation like a spider crawling on your back. I will have to create an enraged version, in which the piece gets arranged with metal in addition to its orchestral sounds.

Clockwork Giants