Developer Update: Simon J - Week 2

This week my primary objective was to get the character’s new feature, a grappling hook, implemented and working. I made it so that the grappling hook actually hooks onto components that it hits, so that if the surface that the grappling hook hits moves, the grappling hook will move with it. I also added proximity-based screen-shake to the first boss’s laser so that it feels more intense. The character can now climb ledges.

I completed a few more miscellaneous clean-up tasks, such as fixing projectile explosions’ spawn positions, made the floating weapon have a simple hover animation and follow the character with a delay, made the first boss’s force pulse launch the character and disable grappling hook, increased primary weapon fire rate, reinstalled mid air zoom and slow time, made destructible rocks only destroyed by the boss, and added air control.

Clockwork Giants