Developer Update: Chris M - Week 4

Week four saw me figuring out blend shapes and morphtarget importing into Unreal. I have to say that this was a very frustrating time but a massive learning curve. I made a lot of mistakes during the course of the week, some including having to re-weight and re-skin and even re-rig the facial set up due to misplaced, or mis-skinned joints several times (I even had to restart the entire rig from scratch twice). This did set me back a few days into the next week for animations which hurt a bit time wise. However, after the massive battle I created 22 morph targets/blendshapes for our character creation part which will also be handy for a little summin summin later on. We also had some issues importing these into Unreal such as it changing how smooth the mesh is when applied over a certain threshold. It took a bit of research on my part on how to get these into engine and working and a lot of back and forth between maya and unreal saw a lot of time consumed. A lot of the morph targets I created were maximum and minimum ranges for certain aspects of the face and body such as making a range between the eyes that can make them narrow and inset or wide and open. I also had to min and max values for the cheeks, ears, brow, nose, legs, chest, arms, and lips alongside the eyes. Here are a couple examples of what I had been doing:

Clockwork Giants