Developer Update: Chris M - Week 3

This week was a hard one for me. I had had no experience in facial rigging at all other than the brief lesson we had last year in class. I decided that before I tackle that I should make a more complex and robust rig for the actual character (I should note that we have a male and female character, but the sizes are slightly different and will require two separate rigs and because of this the female character will have to wait until after vert slice to be completed or in the final two weeks of polish time we have allotted if time permits). It took me two days to get the character rig sorted with controller nodes and twist attributes to allow for more human like movement of the character. I also utilised a lot of set driven keys to curl the fingers of the character for easier animation later.


After completing this I moved on to facial rigging and this was a massive undertaking: I spent a lot of time placing the joints in the correct places and even longer making they were weighted properly so I could begin work on blend shapes. At some point we want a cutscene showing the players face, so we decided we would need facial expressions in there and I put my hand up for the task. The programmers also need the body parts to be scalable for character creation at the beginning of the game so I talked to Ivan (one of our lectureres) about how he would go about it and he helped clarify what I needed to do to achieve this task. I also began working on blend shapes for the character creation.

Clockwork Giants