Developer Update: Chris M - Week 2

Week two saw me working on the warehouse for Introspect. I used a fair amount of reference to create all of the models within but added my own personal tweaks. I designed some extra doodads like crates to be scattered around to help give the warehouse an abandoned look. There is also a floor elevator for goods etc to be brought up/down from/to storage.You can also see a broken chain hook used to transport cargo around the bay. To give more story to it, some smaller ‘prototype’ pieces from the bosses will be placed inside in engine. I’m looking forward to adding more pieces to this after vert slice.

Week two also saw me go through all of my designed models and UV them for Roo to texture.

Toward the end of the week I had a spare few hours so I began looking into next week's task: riggin the body and facial rigging.

Clockwork Giants