Developer Update: Chris M - Week 1

So what did I get up to in week one? Well I’m in charge of designing the starting area the player wakes up in so I whipped up a quick 3d concept of things that I thought would be cool to have in there, mainly a research lab. We decided that we wanted the player to wake up from a sleep and wanted him standing up so it would be easier to animate later down the track. What better way to implement a sci-fi wake up than a stasis chamber? Other things that I decided would be absolute minimum to place in there would be a computer desk and a door. Having decided on those I went over to pinterest and created a reference board for those things I wanted to design. After I began modelling I felt that just having a lab wasn’t enough so I began to think about what extra I could add and settled on a storage type warehouse to go alongside the lab. I gave myself two weeks to complete the minimum requirements for both the lab and warehouse. By the end of week one I had the lab walls, computer desk, stasis chamber and door designed. Here’s some pics to show:

Clockwork Giants