Clockwork Giants - Developer Update #2

Hey there!

This week has been rather productive, there weren't too many distractions unlike last week. All of us were pretty happy to finally start focusing on getting work done, its honestly been a while since that last happened...

The model for the third boss is looking really good! It's almost complete (and will be finished off over the weekend) and will be ready for UVing, rigging and animating next week.

We've made more buildings to populate the level with two city block variants to really give off the feeling of a ruined city.

A few more of the third boss's abilities have been prototyped, namely the windslash and teleporting.

We've begun testing more of tutorial boss's functionality using placeholders.

Other than that, we spent the start of the week fixing a prevalent issue with the build, which we're happy to say went well. Here's hoping we can continue with our pace.

That's all for this week!

Clockwork Giants