Developer Update (Gold): Mark Croucher Week 7

Things are coming to a close so we have to be very careful with anything we change, as it will likely be final. But some things need to be addressed regardless. Two major issues with the bosses have remained over the weeks that finally need dealing with.

Although there were already several patches and fixes. The spider tank still somehow manages to leave its arena (it comes back I promise). I am confidant that I have finally fixed this issue now, although some hard coding was required to set this change in stone.

The second major issue is that the blueprint code for the boss core management is a little bit iffy. And will sometimes not produce the correct particle, nor toggle an outline. This management function was redesigned from scratch to make sure that step by step, the issues were taken care of.

A small implementation was added to the ink that allows players to spam buttons to get themselves free of the ink faster. Ink now travels down the players body when they are stuck to show a visual indication of how long they are stuck for.

Clockwork Giants