Developer Update (Gold): Rodrigo Calderon - Week 2

For this second weekend I wanted to finish texturing everything related to the second boss, so I started with the tentacles, I figured they had to look similar to the rest of the body but at the same time I wanted them to attract some attention from the player, so I applied a combination of orange and white, the metallic orange goes all the way through the tentacle and the de-colored metal is placed on the head of it, it is hard to notice because of the darkness of the level, but when it slams the ground players can notice the mixture of colors.

I also textured the drones (wasps as we call them) that rest on top of the second boss, I applied a same color palette than the one used on the boss, so it blends with the boss.

During this week I also improved some sound effects I previously made to increase the quality of those.


Clockwork Giants