Developer Update (Gold): Rodrigo Calderon - Week 1

During this first week of gold, I realized the PAX event was really close and we didn't have any sound effects for the second boss, so i Started working on them. Unlike the first time when I made the sound effects for the first boss at home, with little to no feedback, this time I brought my laptop every day of the week and developed the sounds at uni, this way I got immediate feedback and the result was way better, the style was really similar to the first boss for obvious reasons, really metallic sci fi sounds, with a lot of bass in some parts. the list of the sound effects I made are the following:

-Tentacle smash on ground sound

- Wobly sound for when tentacles shoot ink at the player

- Shield absorption sound for when player shoots bullets at the boss and the boss storage these bullets to shoot them back right after

- Shield deflect sound for when player shoots at shield

- Railgun left click sound effect

- Railgun right click wind up

- Railgun right click laser loop

- Railgun right click laser start

- Wasps (drones around boss 2) sound effect, 

- explosion sound for mines

- Menu sound click

- Menu sound hover


Clockwork Giants