Developer Update (Gold): Mark Croucher Week 6

With Pax all done and dusted, its time to start looking at all the feedback we have accumulated over the past two weeks. Including what we have observed from players fighting each boss at Armageddon and Pax.

First off the squid abuse needs to stop. We have decided to increase the frequency of mines, and slightly increase their spread to better cover the floor. In addition, lightning traps produced by island tentacles now have a higher radius. Second of all, the terror squids tentacle weak points are too strong. The amount of damage they take is greatly reduced in second phase, and all other weak points are highlighted in the second phase.

While I was gone from the scene, many particle effects were made to add into the boss fights. The majority of these particles were for boss components, when they are destroyed and for when they already destroyed. Some of these required a bit of fidgeting to get the right location and rotation offset, but they all look real good now.


Clockwork Giants