Developer Update (Gold): Mark Croucher Week 5

Armageddon went smoothly, and I learnt a lot from watching people play our game. The clearest thing is that the Terror squid is too easy, mainly because it can easily be abused. Players can too easily slide around the floor without consequence, and focus nothing but the tentacle for damage. 

The Spider tank was the opposite, and it did not help having the other boss so easy to defeat, because it did not send a good message or give a valid representation of what one of our boss fights really is. The spider tank has been worked on and iterated the most, and we think it is in a very good position.

With little time before PAX begins, I will have to do some number balancing between the bosses to make the squid harder, and the spider slightly easier. Changes were applied to the health values of components, and the damage values components deal on death.


Clockwork Giants