Developer Update (Gold): Simon Jiang - Week 7

This week I focused on improving the Squid Boss fight by making its tentacles more threatening, and also fix some known bugs with the fight. For the longest time, the tentacle's slam ability actually wasn't functioning properly. It would not collide with the ground and thus would dig into the ground, making it undamagable. This had to do with the tentacle's collision detection code, which has now been reworked to be more reliable. Both slam and stab abilities consistently damage the player now. The tentacles' range was also increased by lengthening it. However, doing this may have unintentionally broke some functions. I will have to look into it further next week.

A big part of this week was also working on our presentation for the accelerator programme. We will be pitching our game in front of a panel of industry professionals, and thus will need to prepare sufficiently for it. I will be the primary speaker during the pitch, with some assistance from Connor. Best of luck to us!

Clockwork Giants